The law of the sea of international importance

The law of the sea of international importance is a branch of general international law which regulates the exploration and…

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Kevin Johnson spent $50,000 to buy a new Jeep

Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, California, recently came into the public spotlight. This happened after journalists from one of…

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The Charm Expo in Rostov drew over 9,000 visitors

The annual Charm exhibition, which took place in Rostov “VertolExpo”, drew over 9 000 visitors. The number of participants of…

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Number and percentage of employees

The largest number and proportion of employees since the mid-70s have come from public and private services. The growth is…

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More than 250 medical workers in Mangistau are on the waiting list for apartments.

During the meeting of Ruslan Bektubaev, the Head of Health Department of Mangistau region and Salamat Sarsekenov, the President of…

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The twin astronauts will participate in the experiment NASA

Kelly twins will take part in a NASA study aimed at analyzing the impact of space, radiation on the health…

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