More than 99 percent of the protocols were counted in Moscow

The single day of voting has come to the end in Russia. According to the results after processing more than 99% of the ballots, Mosgorizberkom confidently declares that incumbent mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has won the election. More than half of the voters who came to the polling stations voted for him. Sobyanin’s closest rival, the controversial Alexei Navalny, won just over 27% of the vote. He is followed by Ivan Melnikov – representative of the CPRF – with about 11% of votes, “Apple” leader Sergei Mitrokhin with less than 4% of votes, LDPR member Mikhail Degtyarev and representative of Fair Russia Nikolai Levichev, who gained about 3% of votes each. Despite Navalny’s statements claiming that there were violations during the vote counting, representatives of the Moscow City Election Committee claim that the elections were fair because the exit polls (exit polling of voters) showed the same data – the coincidence was as low as 1 vote. It means, there will be no second round of voting. About 33% of Muscovites participated in the Moscow mayoral elections. Perhaps it was the lack of awareness of the citizens of the capital that influenced the results. Sergei Sobyanin explained such a low percentage by “seasonality” – many residents of the capital prefer to spend weekends at the dacha in preparation for the winter period. More than 50 thousand people gathered on Bolotnaya Square in the evening to welcome Sobyanin. Despite the fact that the data on the voting results are not yet available, the proponents and. о. The mayor was confident in his victory, with which they warmly congratulated their candidate at the rally-concert that took place.

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