Chicago resident hijacked ambulance along with paramedics and patient

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that on the morning of October 10, Jim McCoy, a twenty-seven-year-old from Chicago, stole an ambulance with two doctors in it, who were treating a man with diabetes at the time of the the theft.

So it is reported that the incident occurred in the area of West Wilcox. A young man saw an ambulance parked nearby, inside which two doctors were treating a man. McCoy thought the patient was his relative suffering from diabetes. Jim decided that a “relative” should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible, so he got behind the wheel of an ambulance and drove.

The carjacker was only able to drive a few blocks. “Rescue operation” was interrupted by a fire truck blocking the street. The thing is that the medics in the stolen car were not confused and gave a signal for help over the radio. After police and firefighters received information about the emergency incident, they went to the rescue of the trapped medical workers and a sick. As a result, Jim was arrested and the patient was rushed to the hospital in another ambulance.

According to the data provided by law enforcement agencies, the hijacker was likely well-meaning and thought that he would be able to get his relative to the clinic much faster. At the same time, despite the fact that no one was injured in the incident, Jim McCoy is accused of hijacking.

The police also specified that Jim McCoy had previously been arrested thirty-two times.

“The Des Moines Register reports that the court has agreed to release the hijacker if he pays fifty thousand dollars bail.

It is worth noting that such cases have already occurred in American history. So, “chron” writes that on February 9 this year a man in a state of intoxication also hijacked an ambulance with a sick person and doctors who were examining him. And two months ago in Oklahoma, a twenty-eight year old girl stole the ambulance she had been taken to after a traffic accident for a blood alcohol test while trying to escape from the hospital.

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