Women have been hit harder by Ukraine’s economic crisis

It has been several years since Ukraine first had to deal with the economic crisis. Despite the passage of time, two-thirds of the country’s workers have not been able to forget its bad consequences: jobs have become much harder to find, in addition, wages have been cut significantly.

In addition to the economic crisis, Ukraine has experienced a political crisis, which has caused a substantial increase in the external debt of the state, a rise in inflation, and a mass layoff of workers from their jobs. The majority of the companies, facing such difficult conditions, had no other choice to survive but to cut their own personnel and decrease the wages of the employees who were left behind.

In 80% of workers income decreased, more than half of the society had problems with employment, which led 25% of people to change their field of work.

The female sex suffered more in this difficult situation. It was the weaker sex that had to work more than their allotted time, and finding a new job became almost unrealistic.

But it is worth noting that the economic crisis has not affected everyone negatively. According to surveys, every fifth employee, during the crisis, improved his or her income, or was able to find a better job. The difficult economic situation for some workers had a positive impact on their skills, when competition within the company decreased, career advancement became more possible.

Among the changes for the better, in addition to a promotion, citizens often cite a change in their professional field and, oddly enough, a change of residence.

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