What is Forex and how to earn on it? Part One

Now in the conditions of economic instability when many companies are closed and people become unemployed, the opportunity to earn in the Forex market has reached the peak of urgency.

Forex courses for beginners”, “Forex trading available to everyone”, “Forex strategies: secrets of success”, etc. are regularly advertised on the Internet, in the print media and on TV.п. However for the majority of people the “Forex exchange” is still something unexplored. What is Forex and how can one earn on it??

At the moment, there is a surge in advertising for earnings in the marketplace. Numerous mass media often mention or refer to Forex market and cover the main events taking place in it.

The international currency market “Forex” was created in 1971, when fixed exchange rates were replaced by floating. Thanks to this the Forex exchange became a kind of marketplace for buying and selling currencies. The value of the currency may change every second depending on the market situation, and the participants of Forex can earn on the difference in rates.

Any person in the world who has some theoretical knowledge can earn on Forex or increase their capital. The Forex system does not have a fixed trading venue, which makes it different from the stock market. They are traded by telephone or over the Internet at a software terminal on a computer. That is why one can work at Forex, wherever there is a connection to the Internet. It must be noted that on Forex one can earn, not just get money, it is a full-fledged work, which requires constant analysis. Of course, Forex trading involves certain financial risks. But for all that, it does not become any less profitable or attractive.

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