What do top executives drive?

Today it is impossible to find an official driving a domestic car. Among cars of representatives of power elite there are such brands of cars, as Volvo, BMW, Nissan and Mercedes. However, it is worth separating official and private cars. This is where the intriguing facts come out. It turns out that a great many officials have Russian cars in their private fleets, and they are not used as rarities.

A striking example of this is one of the deputies of the Legislative Assembly Gulyaev, who has a company car Volvo, but during his off-hours he drives his own VAZ-2106.

Parliamentarian and member of the United Russia – Sergey Andenko, in his words, got a real strong man’s off-road car – UAZ.

In the private autopark of officials there can be found a Volga and an Opel Astra, a Toyota and a Moskvich, and even an Oka.

By the way, about a billion rubles is spent annually from the budget for the upkeep of officials’ vehicle fleet. Perhaps we should put officials in their own cars and compensate them for its use, as we ordinary citizens do. By this measure the state can save a decent amount of money and spend it on better purposes!

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