Visitor Visa

The more proof you have, the better your chances of getting that coveted visitor visa. All the documents you need, including all of the evidence, you provide to the visa center of the country that considers your request.

If you want to get a visitor’s visa, prepare for the fact that you will need a fairly large package of documents. You can easily find a list of all necessary documents at the consulate or on the Internet. And also in special agencies, which can help you cope with this difficult task. You may be interested not only in the process of obtaining a visitor’s visa, but also in the liquidation of a limited liability company. To learn more about liquidation of Limited Liability Company you can on millmark. ru.

The most important thing in this list of documents – is, of course, an invitation from the other party. Without it, it does not even make sense to collect all the other papers. The person who invites you will also need to collect documents. But on his part, the list is much smaller and simpler. For the invitation itself you will need a photocopy of your passport, certificate of permanent place of work, copies of his bank account and documents proving that you have your own home.

You should be prepared for a much longer list. First of all, it’s a special format photo, with a number of requirements. In addition, you will need to fill out a special questionnaire, which has both psychological and logical questions that are very important to answer correctly, otherwise it can become a serious problem. Usually special agencies are prepared for such surveys, so it is not too difficult to anticipate questions

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