Vibroplatform of design I. М. Neumann

Vibroplatform of Ya design. М. Neumann allows you to work with three frequencies of oscillation per minute: 3000, 4500 and 6000 and an amplitude of 0.32 mm. Vibroplatform has the following dimensions of the platform: 3200X850 mm, lifting capacity – 1 gr, electric motor power – 6,5 ket. There is no special mountings for vibrating molds with the products.

Vibroplatform on the production line of the construction parts plant № 3 in Moscow is divided into 6 sections, arranged in parallel to the longitudinal axis, 3 sections in a row. In each section the serial vibrator I-7 is used. The total capacity of the six-section vibroplot is 6X0.4=2.4 ket, its payload is 3 g, and its oscillation rate is 4,800 per minute. Compaction on this vibrating table is satisfactory. Separation into sections allowed to eliminate mutual damping of vibrators vibrations. The section consists of an external fixed frame and an internal vibrator. The outer fixed frame is welded from angles and rests on supporting channels embedded in the concrete base, and the inner, also welded frame, is freely inserted into the outer. A rail track for a material handling trolley was inserted between the sections, which is used to feed and lower the molds on the shaking plates.

Moving of the molds by means of a roller conveyor is performed on a vibrating platform of A. Е. Desova, I. Г. Fedotov and N. А. Zelenow’s. Its platform dimensions – 2500 X 1350 mm, payload – 500 kg, vibration frequency – 3000 rpm (changes possible to 1500 and 4500 rpm), amplitude – 0,25 mm. The platform has two electric motors of 2.2 ket each, directly connected to the eccentric shaft.

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