US president wants to introduce new sanctions against Russia

Barack Obama and Angela Merkel discussed the situation in Ukraine on the phone. They have reached a consensus that if Russia does not take some steps toward a peaceful resolution of the situation in eastern Ukraine, it will receive serious sanctions from the U.S.

On the night of June 20-21, the U.S. president and the German chancellor had a telephone conversation. The main topic of the conversation was the discussion of the situation in the East of Ukraine.”They have agreed that if Russia fails to take concrete steps to de-escalate the situation in eastern Ukraine, the United States and the European Union will coordinate additional steps (against Russia),” the agency quoted a White House statement.

Also, that night, Barack Obama spoke with French President Francois Hollande. The leaders of their powers call on V. Putin to communicate with terrorists from DNR and LNR to make them cease fire and lay down arms. Obama, Merkel and Hollande support the president of Ukraine. They really liked Petro Poroshenko’s latest statement about the need to stop shooting in eastern Ukraine and Putin should help the neighboring country. Earlier, the U.S. president’s administration said that sanctions against the Russian Federation could be increased if the Russian president does not support Petro Poroshenko’s peace plan.On June 20, the Ukrainian president ordered the military to stop shooting in eastern Ukraine on June 22. Petro Poroshenko presented a peace plan to stop the shooting in eastern Ukraine. The plan consists of 15 points and implies security for all participants in hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

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