Unaffiliated villagers

Since last year 962 families from 1050 families in Shamonino have taken advantage of compensations from the Charity Fund which explains dense population of this settlement. Also, a kindergarten and a good school, with much better conditions than in most cities, were built here within the boundaries of a once-active project. But it did not work without mishaps as well as bureaucratic delays and inattentiveness on the part of corresponding agencies. The land of this school, which has been successfully operating for three school years, is not yet registered, and its graduates take their certificates in the school of the neighboring village.

– We go to the paramedic about five kilometers away in Shmidtovo, because we still do not have an FAP, the construction has just begun, – says Ural Abakachev. – My spouse and I are Soviet hardened people and we are not afraid of difficulties, although, frankly speaking, we already do not have enough patience.

The man was morally tired as a result of the fact that, together with his family moved into housing immediately after its purchase in 2010 – the programmer and nurse had no money to simultaneously rent an apartment in the city and make repairs in his personal home. They also lived through three hard winters, when the house lacked heat, light and water, and they had to walk to the road every day, trudging through a meter and a half of snowdrifts.

– When our family came here, we were hopeful about tomorrow,” smiles U. Usmanovich. – Such an extraordinary sense of permanence – after all, one’s own home solidifies the ground beneath one’s feet. This helped overcome all the difficulties. And a little less than a year ago we had our second child.

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