Ukrainian refugees settle even in Siberia

Residents of Novosibirsk opened the doors of their homes for refugees from Donbass. They also collect aid for those who remain under fire in Ukraine. The Novosibirsk Region also offers preferential migration treatment for Ukrainian refugees.

The number of refugees from southeastern Ukraine is growing by the day. They will be placed not only in the border regions of Russia. Today they are ready to accept people from Donbass in almost all areas of our country.”Marina Alekseeva, a refugee from Ukraine, told reporters, “I’m the only one with a suitcase like this – with what I was able to leave.

The minimum of things, Marina Alexeeva gathered in a hurry. The main thing was to get two small children out of Ukraine. The punishers, who are restoring their order in the Donbass, wouldn’t spare even them.”The crowd is coming, 300-400 people, and everyone who had time ran away,” says a refugee sorrowfully. – If he did not have time, then it is purely his own problem. And where to turn, to the police, who themselves are sitting, cowardly?”

Marina wrote a request for help on her page in the social network. Dmitry Kolesnikov, a resident of Novosibirsk, responded to this plea and agreed to shelter.”Whatever, but still, you have to help people who are in trouble,” the man explains simply. – They have to be bailed out and rescued.

People fleeing from Ukraine are ready to travel even several thousand kilometers for peace to be over their heads.”They shoot, you know, they shoot! How many cases, a stray bullet… A child’s leg was torn off there, and he was killed there. Well, you know, no one is immune from this,” Valentina Varnavskaya, a Ukrainian, said.

At the same time, Novosibirsk residents try to help not only those who have already arrived. More than a dozen humanitarian aid collection points have been opened in the city. The medicines collected here will soon be delivered to hospitals in the South-East of Ukraine and will help save the lives of those who cannot leave the restive regions. People not only bring medicine and things, but also send letters of support.”An elderly woman came and brought an icon, an icon with a prayer,” shows Rostislav Antonov, chairman of the Civil Patrol NGO.

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