Typical projects of apartment houses

By the nature of its constructive device, in contrast to the previously used buildings series 1-511 and others, we have to take into account the horizontal view of the building. Large-panel house requires accurate consideration of the features of the relief, or as they say, the placement of buildings “along the horizon”. This important circumstance had a great influence on the architectural solutions of the blocks as it compelled the authors to make fuller use of the natural conditions in the process of finalizing the draft design. A considerable number of houses are now laid out in a more deliberate manner, taking into account the contours of the terrain, and in this sense the new solution is very different from the original one. So that the child can go abroad, he or she can simply be registered in the passport of the parent. But know this he can only do, accompanied by a parent! The use of standard designs of residential houses of only one series in the development of the district creates favorable preconditions for the introduction of advanced construction methods. However, it should be said that in this case there was an excessively strict limitation of the types of buildings, as for a large housing estate it was proposed to use only one type of building – a four-section five-storey block of flats. Thus, creating the composition of the building, the authors were forced to operate only with the same volumes. Naturally, such a limitation of components to form such an extensive complex cannot but impoverish the overall architectural solution. As we have seen in other examples, the transition to the five-storey building has entailed a substantial revision of the entire architectural and planning solution. The need to build stand-alone stores arose, as in the adopted standard designs of the five-storey residential buildings the first floors are used only for housing. In this connection the composition of the Mazilov neighbourhood has changed, especially along the main roads, along which eight-storey buildings with built-in stores had been projected earlier. The transition from eight-storey to five-storey buildings has led to a reduction in the density of the housing stock. Now it averages 4 400 hectares, and the total area of the district is 270 thou. м2.

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