Turkey’s anti-alcohol law will get tougher

Turkey’s tougher anti-alcohol law is already in effect today. It seeks to keep the country’s population, especially the younger generation, away from alcoholism. It was also noted that amendments and additions to the law will not be developed yet. The new law, which has been tightened, was adopted on June 11 in Turkey and it should be noted that it caused a heated debate in the public strata. Erdogan himself is actively promoting a healthy lifestyle and uses his example to demonstrate it. But the younger generation, especially in large urban centers, have become very active in criticizing this toughened legislation. The young generation believes that this stricter law infringes on their rights and has repeatedly spoken about it at rallies held in Gezi Park. The new and stricter law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages after 10 p.m. In the outlets that are located outside the city, a ban on the sale of alcohol is in effect all day and night. It is also forbidden to post alcoholic products. on storefronts and selling it to persons under the age of eighteen. It is also forbidden to advertise and conduct various promotions that represent alcohol. It is forbidden to conspicuously drink alcoholic beverages and to be displayed on television in various programs and motion pictures. It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages. in places of recreation, in parks, picnic places, on promenades, in the streets. The government has also banned alcoholic beverage companies as sponsors and banned various festivals under the brands of alcoholic beverages. Also, according to the law the location of alcohol points of sale must be placed at least a hundred meters from the dormitories and educational institutions. If the driver is found to have more than one ppm in his blood, he could face a two-year prison sentence. If a driver refuses to take an alcohol test, he will lose his license for two years and pay a fine of about a thousand dollars.

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