Tsukanov stated about the penetration of Maidan in Kaliningrad

The head of the Kaliningrad region Tsukanov announced an influx of jocks from Ukraine, which in his opinion wants to hold a Maidan in a special region of the Russian Federation. Law enforcement agencies are on alert.

Now the problem of Maidan is considered in the “native Russian” region of Russia – Kaliningrad region. Governor Tsukanov stated that young men from Ukraine, crossing the border with Poland and Lithuania, about 30 years old, who cannot clearly explain the purpose of their arrival, are coming to Kaliningrad. This greatly worries the head of the region, for the threat of separatism in a region separated from the rest of Russia is extremely high. In the former Koenigsberg there are a lot of people who want to return to Germany. There is also an indirect claim to this territory from neighboring Lithuania. As the president of this Baltic country Dalia Grybauskaite has recently declared: “Kaliningrad is a cradle of the Lithuanian literature”.

But for all that, there is no doubt that the Kaliningrad region will continue to be Russian territory. As joked on social media, Tsukanov sleeps and sees young Banderites with Ukrainian flags and Right Sector symbols in Kaliningrad, which seems to be caused by Russia’s general willingness to fight Maidan ideas everywhere.

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