Trials of a capsule to rescue trapped miners were successful

News agency “Associated Press” reports that the Chilean rescuers have completed tests of the capsule, designed for the rescue operation of the thirty-three miners trapped in the mine of San Jose. Test results showed the equipment is ready for use. As for the operation itself, it is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, October 13.

Empty capsule, in which are going to bring miners to the surface, had previously been lowered almost to the bottom of a specially drilled pothole, the depth of which is six hundred and ten meters. The trapped miners, on the other hand, are fourteen meters below. In his interview with the media, Lawrence Golborne, the Chilean Minister of Mines, joked that the capsule had not been lowered for the last fourteen meters for fear that one of the miners would climb down before the time limit.

In all, Chilean engineers developed three different pieces of equipment for the rescue operation. The largest capsule they developed was the most successful one. It has been previously reported that the first to be lifted will be those who feel the best. So they are expected to assist in adjusting the operation so that their weaker comrades will endure the ascent as best they can.

Recall that thirty-three miners were trapped in the mine after the accident of August fifth. A few days after the accident, rescuers were able to make contact with them. In addition, the miners are daily given drinking water, food and medicines through a specially drilled hole, and doctors who monitor them are constantly recording their physical and mental condition.

In conclusion, let us note that the miners waiting for ascent have already decided what they are going to do once they are on the surface. First, each of them will receive a handsome compensation, and second, they intend to write a story about their “adventures” and divide the profits from the sale of the rights to it equally.

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