Trade Center Ukraine in Kiev

This is probably the most famous shopping mall in Kiev. It is located in the center of the city, near the railway station, on Victory Avenue. Right next to it you can see a monument dedicated to this great event.

On the territory of this shopping center there is a great number of various stores of absolutely different themes.

For example, a couple of years ago my relatives and I had to buy glasses for our wedding. You won’t believe it, but we found a lot of different glasses for every taste, color, and purse. Hand-painted, factory-decorated, and even silver. In the supermarkets located on the first floor of the mall you can find the most common glasses and then paint and decorate them yourself. A flight of fancy and possibilities allow it.

If you follow the Ukrainian TV you must have seen it on every TV channel, it’s a famous place. I personally met there Yanu Klochkova, unfortunately, in reality it does not produce such a positive impression, as on the screen, but that’s another topic of conversation. So I want to say that this store is used by the most ordinary people and the “stars”. I don’t know about the foreign ones, but ours do.

On the fourth floor of the department store “Ukraine” there is a sushi bar “Factory” with a wide range of dishes for every taste and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. You can order delivery of sushi at home.

Also in the store you can find departments with high-quality youth clothing, gathered a lot of modern brands. If you need to find something unusual and beautiful, then you are sure to find it there. I will also mention actions and discounts, of course in every department they are unique, but the periods of new collections are sold out for a penny. For example, I bought there a bolero from the new collection for 499 USD, and a T-shirt from the old one for 28 USD. So draw your own conclusions. Try and explore and you will certainly find something interesting for yourself. I give high marks to this place

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