There will be no traffic lights on Leninsky Avenue in the direction of the center.

The Moscow authorities have no intention to organize without traffic lights traffic in the center of the city during the reform of Leninsky Prospekt, told reporters on Saturday Marat Khusnullin, deputy mayor of the capital on urban politics and the construction.

Based on the information received from him, the city administration plans, if possible, to reduce the flow of traffic on Leninsky Prospekt in the direction of the city center. However, authorities want to make the transit from the center of Leninsky Prospekt without traffic lights, said Khusnullin.

According to the official, during the development of the project of reconstruction of the highway, the City Hall tried to take into account the wishes of people who live in the nearby areas. That is why only one overpass was left instead of the three previously planned in the project.

In addition, the Deputy Mayor said that during the restoration of Leninsky Prospekt also necessarily construct a new interchange of the highway with the Moscow Ring Road. During the construction of the roadway will not be narrowed. Companies that want to order the relocation of the office in the area should take this fact into account. This will have a significant impact on accessibility.

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