There will be no Internet on board of airplanes

World-famous aircraft manufacturing corporation Boeing sadly announced that in the near future may cancel the service Connexion, designed for Internet access to passengers of international airlines. The company’s trend is due to low demand for this type of service, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. At the moment the company is negotiating with buyers. However, the Boeing company management neither confirmed nor denied this information.

Recall that the Connexion project was launched in April 2000, and the company pinned great hopes on it. Company experts estimated that installing new equipment on the airliners would generate $3.5 billion in profits. To date, only 146 airliners offer this service. Corporate losses have amounted to about 1 billion U.S. By the way, the analytical company, which takes the study of this issue, offers everyone a job vacancy in Podolsk.

According to expert Paul Nisbet (Paul Nisbet) from JSA Research, the company will not be able to return the finances spent on this project Connexion. The company would be able to realize its idea. A series of terrorist attacks on September 11 prevented that from happening. It was after them that American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines, which had a contract with the company, refused its services.

Paul Nisbet believes that the corporation has only to conclude a contract with a company capable of moving the project forward.

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