The VI International Brigade of Solidarity “May 1st” arrived in Cuba

At the invitation of the Cuban Institute for the Friendship of Peoples, the Sixth International Brigade of Solidarity “May 1” has arrived in Liberty Island to participate in a demonstration on the occasion of the International Day of the World’s Workers. The group includes representatives from 27 countries, numbering about 200 people. And most of them, namely 150 people, are from Latin America. The Sixth International Solidarity Brigade in Cuba will have a very extensive program. From April 27 to May 7, the participants of the brigade will be engaged in agricultural work, visiting historical sites of Freedom Island, centers of economic and social development. In addition, members of the brigade intend to meet with the relatives of the Cuban Five, according to a plan developed earlier. Organizers of this event have prepared a series of lectures and several documentaries about the revolutionary process taking place on Liberty Island.

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The official program of the International Brigade includes participation of its members in the International Solidarity Meeting to be held in Havana’s Palacio de la Convención on May 2. The meeting will be attended by foreign delegations who are coming to Cuba for the May Day celebrations. Recall that the brigade of solidarity “May 1” was established in 2006. It originally had 130 members from 21 countries. As noted in the directives of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples, the members of the brigade want to know firsthand the whole truth about the Cuban revolutionary process. They visit the island of freedom with many solidarity groups. Every year about two thousand people come to Cuba with 20 associations. For three decades, the Venceremos Brigade, comprised of Scandinavian and U.S. citizens, has been working to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Liberty Island and their countries.

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