The twin astronauts will participate in the experiment NASA

Kelly twins will take part in a NASA study aimed at analyzing the impact of space, radiation on the health of astronauts. Scott Kelly will be sent into space on the ISS, while his twin brother Mark will remain on the planet. Scientists will monitor the health of both brothers. Since NASA has planned a number of missions in the near future, they want to study the impact of space on humans in order to warn astronauts in the future about possible dangers. Researchers hope to get accurate data on health changes due to space exposure, as twins are the same. Scott Kelly was selected for this mission last year. Earlier astronauts used to fly for half a year, but now NASA has decided to double the time of stay in space. Scott will fly to the ISS with Mikhail Kornienko, a hero of the Russian Federation. The head of NASA said that the idea to conduct this experiment with the twins appeared by accident. While discussing the flight with Scott, he suggested that his twin brother also be involved in the research. Also, the head added it would be ideal if only one of the twins was an astronaut. But in our case not so, Mark is also a cosmonaut, hopefully, this will not affect the results of the experiment. The brothers will be tested every day, asking about their well-being. Scientists hope to obtain data on changes in body weight, muscle and bone mass, vision, and the risk of developing cancer cells. Scientists at King’s College London, who will monitor the twins’ health, said Scott may not look like his brother after returning to Earth.

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