The State will make housing available with the help of mortgage savings banks.

Along with the implementation of the state program of affordable housing, the country will create new methods of accumulating funds for the first mortgage payment. So, the government intends to create construction savings banks, which will soon work throughout the country. In these cash offices, people will be able to receive up to 30,000 rubles of annual assistance. The new savings banks will be based on the European construction banks successfully operating in the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Austria. With the help of these funds, residents of these countries can save up to half of the cost of housing for seven years, and the remaining amount is provided by the state in the form of credit funds at low interest. A similar service for Russians offers Sberbank of Russia, but it is not yet available to all. So the government intends to transform the scheme to make it accessible to the Russians who simply can not pull the net mortgage. Depositors will deposit funds at a minimum annual interest rate, and when the amount reaches 30 to 50 percent of the cost of a new home, the state will issue a loan for an insufficient amount. In this case, the state during the accumulation of funds will accrue an additional 20% increase in the deposit. However, the annual amount of public investment will not exceed 26 thousand rubles. It is worth recalling that earlier this month at a meeting with Igor Shuvalov proposed a new scheme for affordable housing. Suggested in three years to reduce interest rates on mortgages to 2.2% plus inflation index.

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