The residence of the State Assembly of Altai will be repaired

Altai krai parliament decided to repair the building of the City Council. The auction for the right to carry out the work has begun. Under the terms of the City Council, the repair work will have to be completed by the end of next year.

The auction will be held on October 21 this year. The head of parliamentary staff explained why the repairs were necessary. According to him, the roof in the building of the City Council is leaking and the heating and ventilation are almost out of order. The commission which carried out an inspection of the building confirmed it as well. The commission concluded that the ventilation of the building is in unacceptable condition, the condition of the facade and roof is not fully functional. Not only the roof and the inside of the building need repair. The facade of the building will be restored with the use of decorative plaster, special insulation boards and marble. The contract for the external works has already been signed. They are being handled by a firm from Barnaul. The sum of repair work was more than 15 million rubles. The sum caused indignation on the part of some individuals, who stated that the cost of the repairs was exaggerated. Grigory Chekurashev said the amount included the repair of the blind area, slopes and night lighting of the building. The chairman noted that the last roof repair was done at the personal expense of City Council employees. In order to raise funds for the repair work, they had to cut down expenses on furniture, office supplies and business trips. Many residents of Altai Krai agree that the building of the City Council should be repaired. According to one of the Kray residents, the building should not look like a barn, because it is a kind of face of the region. According to Grigory Chekurashev, the citizens will appreciate the new look of the City Council. The building will have a dome, the columns will be covered with marble slabs, and at night the building will be illuminated with a beautiful lighting.

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