The Norwegians considered Vyacheslav Datsik sane

The Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper wrote that the examination of Russian citizen Vyacheslav Datsik who had requested asylum in Norway after fleeing from a St. Petersburg psychiatric clinic showed there was no reason to doubt his mental health.

According to Fridtjof Feydt, Datsik’s lawyer, also known as “Red Tarzan,” there will be no special psychiatric examination of the Russian nationalist in Russia, because a police doctor made the decision about his sanity during a general examination.

The next court session on the Russian case will take place on November 17th.

Recall that Vyacheslav Datsik, who calls himself “Red Tarzan” and the lord of the forests of Murom of the Grey Dog family, was found in Norway in September of this year. This happened after he escaped from one of the psychiatric hospitals located in the Leningrad region. After he escaped, he committed a robbery at a cell phone store. In Norway, armed with a gun, he went to the police station demanding political asylum. “Redheaded Tarzan” and three of his Norwegian friends, who were later confiscated a large number of weapons, were arrested.

Vyacheslav Datsik gained popularity by taking part in fights without rules. He is also a supporter of nationalist movements. The reason why the Russian nationalist was placed in a psychiatric hospital was his series of robberies of cellular salons. According to the diagnosis made by specialists, Datsik suffers from schizophrenia and was sent for forced treatment.

He is currently in custody in a Norwegian prison. At the beginning of last month, the press had already reported that Datsik cut his hands and neck protesting against his solitary confinement. In Norway, “Red Tarzan” was arrested for illegal border crossing, as well as for illegal possession of weapons. The St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office has already prepared all the necessary documents for his extradition, but the request has not been forwarded to Norway yet.

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