The main problems of Ukrainians do not differ much from those in Russia, but they help some people.

The main problems of Ukrainians do not differ much from those in Russia, but help some people. Broken roads have long been known to be Russia’s main problem. And here in Ukraine the same situation is distressing for not all segments of population. While the car owners, who live in Zakarpattya region, are calculating losses they incur with every ride through their native land, the owners of the repair shops are rejoicing at their impressive profits. Roman Melnyk, one of the owners of such an institution in Khust, jokes that he is grateful to the Ukrainian prime minister for the terrible condition of Carpathian roads. Comparing the condition of different brands of cars after driving on local highways, the businessman notes that the Chinese-made cars wear out the fastest. Their notorious efficiency is based, first of all, on the use of one-mm thick steel for the car body. Understandably, such cars are more likely to get deformed in all sorts of ways. And the price of auto parts for foreign cars in Kaluga, Tver, Kostroma, or in any large Ukrainian city is approximately the same – that is expensive. And since the condition of the roads in both states is unlikely to improve soon, Roman advises to consider buying more practical, though less economical models – Russian Volgas or American-made SUVs. Also, the owner of the car repair shop stressed that because of the rough pavement drivers spend 1/3 more gasoline than they would if the roads were of European quality. And the damage from worn parts and punctured tires runs into the tens of thousands of hryvnias each year.

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