The EU will control passports at the borders automatically

It became known that an automated system called “Registered Passenger” will soon start operating at the borders of European Union countries. This innovation was announced by the director of the European Commission for Home Affairs.

Thus, holders of biometric passports, which are allowed to go abroad, will be able to pass the border control faster and easier than it was done before. The owner of a biometric passport will need to put it to the turnstile – this action is probably familiar to you if you have used the subway at least once in your life.

The automated system was tested in one of London’s airports, as well as in Amsterdam. The introduction of such a system throughout the European Union will be part of the Smart Border initiative. True, it is not clear yet how much it will affect the exit and entry of Russian citizens.

It is quite possible that not all foreign citizens will be able to use such preferential treatment, but only those who can cross the countries of the European Union without a visa. Unfortunately, Russian citizens do not have such an opportunity – the issue has been under discussion for seven years, but so far the matter has not moved towards its resolution. True, there is good news – Russia and Brussels have begun to come to an agreement on how to simplify the procedure for obtaining visas. In particular we are talking about certain categories of citizens who will be able to get short-term and multiple-entry visas with much less paperwork. It is quite possible that this problem will be solved by the end of this year, although diplomats do not name specific dates.

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