The cost of housing is below the market

The projects it implements, the Fund puts the price of apartments and low-rise buildings below market prices by 15% and 7 to 10% lower than the minimum price set by the Ministry of Regional Development. The speaker gave as an example a project which is implemented in Istra town where a new “Vostochny” micro-district is under construction and where the apartments will be sold for about 42-45 thousands euros on the open market. rubles per square meter. meter. In addition, the use of energy-saving technologies in construction creates a more comfortable environment and saves up to 30-40% of the cost of utility bills.

It is also possible to achieve a significant reduction in prices per square meter of housing through a thoughtful approach, integrated development of territories. First of all, it concerns the systematic work with natural monopolies. In the case of engineering communications to land plots, it is still planned at the stage of development, as well as ensured by the approval of urban development plans.

-We create such a density of development, while maintaining the comfort of living, which prevents the developer from selling a large amount of housing at high prices on the market, – said Alexander Braverman.

According to Alexander Braverman, house prices will be decreased by the adoption of the bill on the so-called “Dutch” auction sales – auctions based on lower prices. Alexander Braverman also commented on some of the latest amendments to the Federal Law №161, which relate to the free allocation of land in housing cooperatives designed for young scientists. He noted that the activities of the Fund will have a positive impact on the simplification of procedures for the allocation of sites for this category of people.

-We have more than 4.8 thousand young scientists who work in innovative industries, and many of them are considering moving abroad. One of the factors that can make them stay is to create the conditions for obtaining housing. I should also note that we are not talking about the dependants, as these people are happy to buy housing themselves and only need to provide the conditions under which they can do so.

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