The building of the military hospital is being reconstructed in Ufa.

In Ufa, the local foundation “Ural” is directly supporting the reconstruction of a hospital for veterans of various wars. Once the renovations are complete, the latest medical equipment will be installed here.

The URAL Foundation in Ufa has initiated an overhaul of the military hospital building located on Ulitsa Svobody Street. Charles Marks. The builders are working tirelessly, because the renovation of the old three-story building must be completed by the end of this year. The hospital will then be equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and put to its original purpose. At the initial stage of reconstruction the ceiling beams will be treated for fire safety purposes. And then there are plans to install wooden beams on the ceiling, which will give the interior a proper flavor. By the way, such a design allows you to adjust the space of the room, as if making the room a little higher. However, the attention shown to the hospital by the charitable foundation will not be limited to this. The URAL Foundation has already demonstrated its commitment to the hospital. So, last year they managed to buy another miracle of medical technology – a Japanese computer tomograph. And since 2012, the foundation has invested about 164 million rubles here. If we take into account the current repairs and the future re-equipment, the total amount of such assistance will be 319 million rubles.”The building is unique, it’s a historical legacy,” the foundation said.

Meanwhile, the repair of the roof of the sports school in Makushino will cost the budget 300 thousand. Such a figure was announced in the regional government.

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