The battery lasted for sixty years

Despite the enormous efforts made by modern scientists, they still have not succeeded in creating a normal battery capable of lasting for quite a long time. The only problem with all the batteries created today is that they die before the device they were made for fails. However, the battery presented in the picture, called Karpen’s Pile, has managed to work steadily since the fiftieth year of the last century, which is nearly sixty years ago.

This perpetual energy source was created by a famous physicist from Romania, Nicolae Vasilescu-Carpin. According to many experts this battery should have stopped working decades ago but after journalists measured the EMF of the battery with a special device it turned out to be the same as one volt sixty years ago.

Although this battery has been patented in the twenty-second year of last century, scientists and still do not agree on how exactly and on what principles this battery, called the thermoelectric battery, working at a constant temperature. For this reason, the creation of such a battery is considered among scientists as an anti-scientific belief, because since school we know that it is impossible to create a perpetual motion machine. The only working Carpan battery is in the office of the director of the National Museum of Technology.

The battery prototype includes two galvanic elements, which ensure the operation of the galvanometer motor and a switch, which every half-turn of the galvanometer motor alternately opens and closes the circuit. The time of rotation of the engine was chosen in a special way, so that each galvanic cell had time to fully recharge and reverse polarity. However, the only purpose for which the galvanometer motor and the switch plates have been created is to demonstrate the performance of the Carpen battery for a long period of time. Nowadays, this process can be demonstrated more vividly.

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