Texas is developing a video game, the purpose of which is to get an abortion

A video game-quest, which is being created at the initiative of abortion rights advocates in Texas, is currently under development. The goal of the game’s heroine is to find an abortion clinic. The relevance of this topic to Texas is huge, due to the fact that in July of this year, local lawmakers significantly tightened the conditions for registering clinics that provide abortion services. In addition, abortions later than 20 weeks of pregnancy have been banned.

The game will be called Choice: Texas. The authors conceived that players would have to choose one of the five female avatars offered. With him, to get an abortion, the player will have to overcome many obstacles, from geographical to financial.

The authors of the idea, Allison Whipple and Carly Cockyurk, have so far directed all their efforts to find funding: they will need just over $9,000. The money will be used to pay for the development of the game, which will be available to a wide range of players in 2014.

For reference: In the U.S., a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion was established in 1973 by the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in the acclaimed case of Roe v. Wade. But that hasn’t stopped a number of conservative states over the past few years from passing laws that significantly restrict access to abortion. Texas’s fellow states include Oklahoma, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Ohio, Arizona, and others.

Clinics, which practice abortions, should have conditions for surgical procedures. In addition, doctors who perform abortions must be authorized to hospitalize patients in the hospital, and it must be located no more than 48 kilometers away from the clinic.

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