Suspended streetcar may appear in Moscow region.

Authorities of Moscow Region are working on the possibility of building overhead lines for streetcars in Moscow Region. The news was shared with reporters by the representative of the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow region. New for Moscow solution of transportation issue will work like this: suspended structure will be mounted above the ground, below which a rail track must be laid and then the streetcar will be clinging to the rails with special fasteners on the roof and as a result will be able to move. Authorities want to build such overhead lines on two routes: Mytishchi – Ivanteevka – Shchelkovo – Fryazino and Podolsk – Domodedovo – Ramenskoe.

Laying of such a variant of streetcar lines is advisable in areas where there is a fairly dense housing stock, as well as in places where, according to the plan, streetcar lines often cross the railway, roads and reservoirs, explained the official from the regional transport ministry. In such cases, it becomes more economical to lay lines by air.

The representative of the department told that the system with the suspended streetcars already quite successfully used in the world – for example, such “air” streetcars there are in Frankfurt am Main.

Of course, such transport can`t transport joint cargoes, but it can do a fine job delivering passengers.

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