START 3 – treaty ratified!

More important than ever, the signing of the arms reduction treaty. Here’s the head of the U.S. Obama understands this, as the cause of treaty ratification is a priority for him. And in case of failure, not only personal, but also the country’s credibility as a whole will suffer. Back in the spring of this year, the presidents of the two most powerful nations agreed to ratify the treaty in sync. Also because of the Republican victory in the U.S. parliamentary elections, the process had to evolve more dynamically. Since democratic forces were called into question. However, START III was successfully approved. So the Congress voted 71 in favor and 26 against, which can be fully considered a victory for Obama. In Russia, the document has not yet been fully approved at the Duma session. And the resolution of this issue has been postponed until the beginning of next year. For the White House, ratification is necessary to show that the U.S. is a peace-loving nation. The economic component, the reduction of the arsenal will reduce the cost of maintaining the safety of the warheads, as there will be one-third less. In turn, the treaty is important for Russia primarily because of the reduction of its nuclear arsenal. For Russia, this is beneficial not only economically, but also politically. The economic benefits will be disproportionate, like peugeot 4007 equipment .

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