Sports got its own online store

The most popular sportswear brand recently introduced its own online store. In this store the buyer can buy a variety of products ranging from sports nutrition, ending with a variety of simulators, furniture safes and tents.

Basically, the online store sells products from catalogs store “Wikimart”. In an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti,” Kamil Kurmakaev, general director of Sports, said that the portal gets a percentage of sales of goods.

The head plans to bring the share of the online store in total revenues to percent. During the first two months, the management plans to experiment boldly with the range of products in order to find out which ones will be in permanent demand.

It is worth noting that the joint project between Sports and Wikimart is the first cooperation of this kind on the Russian internet market. Another Russian company has a similar affiliate program which has been working for the last 5 years, but this program is more like an advertising partnership. It posts items from its catalog, but the ordering process still takes place on the Ozone site.

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