Scientists have found out exactly how many years you can spend charging

Sedentary behavior is very unhealthy. Apparently, this fact that each of us has learned long enough, and something else to tell on this subject will be a waste of time. However, scientists from the American National Cancer Institute have set out to determine exactly how many years a full morning exercise can add to those people who have the time to do it regularly. After conducting research, they noted that the work is still more statistical in nature, but such statistics can be believed (more than six hundred thousand cases have been checked).

So studies show that just seventy-five minutes of morning exercise a week is enough to increase life expectancy by almost two years! If you spend a hundred and fifty minutes a week in the gym or jogging, you can get almost three and a half years of extra life. So four hundred and fifty minutes of exercise a week is four and a half years to your age.

Scientists say that when they say “active lifestyle” they are referring to brisk walking or uncomplicated exercise. That is, you do not need to play any sport professionally. Scientists also note that body mass index plays an important role in this matter. Studies have shown that respondents who were not overweight lived an average of seven and a half years longer than obese people.

Regular rest plays an important role in a person’s life and health. Thanks to the fact that nowadays almost everyone can get a cash loan without collateral, most of our compatriots have an opportunity to rest at the sea every year and gain vitality.

Exercise, rest and live long!

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