Russian Life: Not a cruiser any more

No longer a cruiser

In case anyone missed it: the cruiser “Aurora” is no longer a cruiser, the 12 conscripts still on board will be transferred to other units, and the guard will be entrusted to a private company. The life-support systems on the ship are now handled by the management company “Slavyanka” – the main military housing and utilities company. Aurora” itself is documented as a military camp. So in fact it is an exhibit of the Naval Museum, but on paper it is a small town.

The situation looks bleak, but judging by the active information campaign “in defense of the legendary cruiser,” the situation of “Aurora” can still change. Every week state TV channels talk about another open letter from veterans, who insist on returning the cruiser to service, ask the President to take it under his personal patronage and even make it their personal ship, so that the President could really cross the seas on it.

After the incident with cranes there is nothing to be surprised about, but if you’re in the mood to shed a tear for the legendary cruiser, keep in mind that after the repair in 1987, it is not as legendary as it was. This ship has a new hull on a concrete base. Veteran sailors say it’s coming off this concrete – fine, but it’s still a new hull, designed to stand on a concrete base, not for sailing. That is, this campaign can, of course, end up anything, but just keep in mind that if someone says that Aurora is afloat – he’s not telling the truth.

Well, in general, attempts to turn the symbol of the Bolshevik revolution into a symbol of the Russian fleet – it is even an interesting experiment, let’s see how it ends up.

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