Return of migrants is a problem for Azerbaijan

According to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijanis temporarily residing in Russia take $1 billion of their earned money out of Russia every year. And according to Russian media, the amount is three times as much.

In response, Russia is going to limit the number of migrants from Azerbaijan and toughen related legislation. Migrants will return to Azerbaijan and create problems in the labor market, because most Azerbaijani migrants have no specialty. It’s 2 million Azerbaijanis.

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Russia’s State Duma plans to pass a law requiring migrants to take an exam on the Russian language, history and the fundamentals of Russian legislation. The cost of the exam will be up to 5,000 rubles.

According to a national opinion poll conducted in Azerbaijan by ADAM service, more than half of the residents of the republic permanently or temporarily intend to leave the country. Not so long ago, Russians were killed in Azerbaijan just for being Russians. The Russians were mocked and driven out of the country by all means. The survivors left Azerbaijan, leaving everything they had. In the streets of Azerbaijani cities there were posters: “Russians, don’t leave! We need slaves and prostitutes!”

Life has shown that it is not the friendship of peoples that is an illusion. Azerbaijan pursued a policy of fierce hatred against the “Russian occupiers”. And now they also make money by depriving our workers of their wages. So where is our dignity?!?

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