Reason for the meeting

On Sept. 24, at the Mother Patriot Monument, A. Ф.KUPRYANOVA held a rally to mark the 35th anniversary of the opening of the monument, which is known throughout the country and has become one of the symbols of our city.

People come here for all sorts of reasons – to celebrate national holidays, to honor veterans, to educate young people, to welcome visitors to the city, to photograph newlyweds… And this time the reason for meeting was the place of numerous meetings – the memorial of the Mother – patriot celebrated its 35th anniversary.

It is even a pity that the anniversary coincided with the Machine Builder’s Day and the City Day, and therefore was overshadowed by them. Maybe it was worth doing away with the historical truth and changing the date of the anniversary to a different format, spending it less officially, more cordially, in a family way. After all, even making an appointment at the memorial, we say: “Meet me at Mother’s”. Visiting a dear person is like wearing smart clothes, but not smart…

These thoughts came when listening to a speech at the meeting of the director of the network of city libraries Tamara CHERNOVA – not typical, not formal, imbued with not only good knowledge of the history of creation of the monument and the family KUPRYANOVSKY-KURSEVICH, but also a sense of love and respect for the woman who became the prototype of the monument known far beyond our city, which to this day by right is called an honorary citizen of Zhodino, because she is always with us, in our most solemn days. I wish that these feelings, in addition to patriotism, were passed on to the young generation by the older generations.

However, we still have time for this, we have a future, because the creation of talented sculptors, as well as the memory of people, is for ever.

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