Project on parking fines

The press service of the Moscow City Duma informs about changes in the bill on penalties for improper parking and illegal dumping of snow in the city courtyards. The city prosecutor’s office and the mayor of Minsk, Sergei Sobyanin, initiated the changes.

The original draft on amendments to the Administrative Code, proposed by the mayor, was returned for revision already in the first reading in the Moscow City Duma. The draft had imprecise wording that could lead to misinterpretation of certain provisions. So, for example, it turned out that residents could not park in their courtyards and remove snow from personal vehicles in the courtyard. Or a courier delivery service could face penalties for parking a car in the backyard. Sergei Sobyanin gave the order to finalize the project.

According to the City Attorney’s Office, the most unfinished article in the bill was Article 8.8 CAO. The prosecutor’s office noted that the bill provided the responsibility for obstructing cleaning equipment and garbage disposal when parking vehicles. At the same time, all questions of moving and parking are already regulated by traffic rules.

In the amended version of the bill only reservations about the placement of vehicles on playgrounds remained. If these changes are adopted, the fines for such violations will be significantly increased.

The issue of snow removal was also solved. In the new wording it will concern trucks. If snow is dumped in an unauthorized location, the legal entity will be fined 300,000 rubles and the proper person will be fined 40,000 rubles. Individuals cannot be fined.

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