Premier League. “Karpaty 2:0 Zoria. Part One

Under the preview of the match our readers stated that “Karpaty” played to the point that no one even wants to comment on their game. Maybe so… However, it seems that the interest in soccer on the part of Lviv team was affected by circumstances. What can you do, if the calendar of matches of the Ukrainian Premier League is compiled by people not too far-sighted? Declaring their desire to make money, this structure somehow does not take into account the fact that only a few people in Galicia think about soccer on Lozova Sunday. Only the fans, in other words. After church on such a day, it is customary for Galicians to visit their loved ones with vine branches. It is doubtful that people who have the opportunity to get detailed information about 27772 88 on , on a day like this, remember about the fight of your favorite team and ask to turn on the TV to watch. Especially taking into account that the results and the quality of the game of Lviv team disappointing lately…

Four consecutive defeats put Karpaty in danger of relegation again. By and large, even Hoverla’s home defeat at the hands of Arsenal did not make life easier for the Bilo-Syni. In case of non-defeat against “Zoria” the five-points advantage over Uzhgorod team, given the complexity of the last four games, seemed to Nikolay Kostov`s team a minuscule advantage. It was expected that after the Kiev failure in the game with the “Canonin” the coach of the Lviv team will make considerable changes in the squad.

Actually, this is partly what happened. For example, there was not Roman Mysak in goal, but Martin Bogatinov. On the right wing Pavlo Ksyonz returned to the defense, who played on the wing of attack against Arsenal. And in the center of defense again there was no place for Ivan Milosevic, and by tradition of recent matches Gregor Balazic and Igor Plastun appeared in the center. Igor Ozarkiv, who was accused by the coach of failure in Kyiv, came out on the left. Murtaz Daushvili, who was very missing in the game with Arsenal, took the place of defensive midfielder. Above him there was traditionally Igor Khudobyak and Oleg Holodyuk. The trio of strikers, provided the absence due to yellow cards of Levan Kenia, consisted of Marcelinho (right), Mikhail Kopolovets (left) and Alexander Gladkiy.

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