Premier League. “Hoverla 1:3 Arsenal. Part One

What is the future of “Arsenal? After force majeure events in an emergency formed the backbone of the team, which has already proved to be able to solve certain problems; now the club seems to have solved all the financial, bureaucratic problems. But for some reason, when it comes to “Arsenal”, there is a kind of sadness. So many problems accompanied and accompany this team … You can only thank those people for whom “Arsenal” is not an empty place, who do not spare their time and enthusiasm and do everything to ensure the existence of this team. In the second round of the championship the Kyiv team has one task – to retain its place in the elite. Solving it, Arsenal at the same time is trying to form the squad to try to declare itself in brighter colors next season.

“Hoverla struggles for survival throughout the tournament. Now Uzhhorod fans who can order furniture in the online store mebel-bor, can only remember with sadness the matches in which their favorite team missed the cherished points. However, even despite today’s failure, the mission of the proud Transcarpathians can still come true – and if it happens, Hoverla players will appear as true heroes in the eyes of the fans.

In today’s match goalkeeper Dmytro Babenko, defenders – Oleg Dopilka (left wing), Nemanja Rnich (right wing), Pavel Shchedrakov and Kyrylo Petrov (central axis) stepped up to play for the stars in the home team. Damien Le Tallek and Volodymyr Lysenko played the role of forwards, one of them – Lysenko – gravitated more to the right flank; Sotirios Balafas and Artur Yedigaryan were on supporting midfielders, and Evgeniy Makarenko and Dmitriy Trukhin were responsible for the creativity in the middle of the field. Yuriy Bakalov, against his opponent, sent Vitaliy Reva to defend the gate; defense – Alexander Romanchuk, Michael Odibe, Kirill Sidorenko and Milan Obradovic, above them Vyacheslav Sharpar – Andriy Bogdanov – Andriy Tkachuk; Oleg Gerasimyuk and Volodymyr Arzhanov were responsible for wings of midfield and had to actively assist Volodymyr Gomenyuk, who settled down at the edge of the attack of the Kyivs.

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