Police officer arrested for murder turned out to be innocent

It turned out that the Illinois police detainee, previously charged with killing one and wounding three others, was at home at the time of the crimes. According to the CNN news service, prosecutors came to their conclusion after examining Internet traffic used by Brian Dorian’s home computer.

So the investigation was able to find out that the data obtained from the network matched those given by the defendant himself, who said during questioning that at the time of the attacks he was at home, watching Internet television and engaged in sending e-mails. Commenting on the situation, Acting District Attorney James Glasgow admitted that he felt terrible about detaining an innocent man.

According to the prosecutor, on Wednesday night (local time) all charges against Brian Dorian will be dropped and he will be released home.

Recall that Dorian was arrested on Friday, October 8. The reason for his arrest was the charge of first-degree murder. As for the reason for the detention itself, it was caused by two incidents that occurred on October 5. There were two attacks in Illinois and Indiana that day, one hour apart.

As a result of the first conflict one person was killed and two others were wounded. In the second incident, deaths were avoided, but one person was still injured. It is also known that the same person committed both attacks. Having driven up to the potential victims in his car, the perpetrator started a conversation with them about bees, and then opened fire on them with a revolver.

In conclusion, the prosecutor’s office says the search for the perpetrator will continue.

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