Petrol will go up in price from the New Year

Owners of gas stations at the same time reduced the cost of gasoline, for the first time since early 2014. This decrease was a response to Vladimir Putin’s demand to stabilize the situation in the domestic oil market.

Along with the stabilization of the situation in Russia is planned to increase the number of gas stations. However, future owners of filling stations will have to take care about the purchase of quality equipment. In this situation, they will be helped

Federal Antimonopoly Service warned about monitoring of oil products market

After a government meeting on December 8, one of the main issues of which was the situation in the consumer market of oil products, the Federal Antimonopoly Service gave its report.

Russian oil companies have received recommendations from the Federal Antimonopoly Service to bring retail prices in line with market conditions since the beginning of December, the report says.

The situation on the Russian market is paradoxical: as of December 1, the price of oil products increased by 10%, while the world prices dropped by 35%. The increase since the beginning of 2014 totaled 9.9% for gasoline, and 3.8% for diesel fuel.

Prices at gas stations in Moscow and Moscow region

Gasoline prices went down by 17 kopecks during the last week before New Year. The overall decrease, as of December 29, was 53 kopecks and 56 kopecks for gasoline brands AI-95 and AI-92, respectively – such data was provided by the Moscow Fuel Association.

On average Russians pay 32.48 rubles per liter of gasoline AI-92, 35.23 rubles for AI-95, residents of Moscow and Moscow region – 32.54 and 35.60 rubles respectively.

The tax burden will increase from the beginning of 2015

The introduction of the tax maneuver on January 1, 2015 led to an increase in gasoline prices by 1.8 rubles per liter in the wholesale market, and up to 3 rubles per liter – in the consumer market. As a result the price of gasoline will grow by 10%.

The government plans to increase excise rates on fuel. Back in October, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich warned about the growth of domestic gasoline prices, which is caused by production costs of Russian oil companies and changes in tax and excise rates. That is, gasoline will continue to rise in price, regardless of world market prices.

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