New AUA program for Armenian economists

American University of Armenia (AUA) starts Master’s program in economics. The program is supported by the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia, is strictly academic and is intended for students with work experience and professional interest in the spheres of economics and finance.

As noted in a conversation with korr. “The peculiarity and advantage of this program is the opportunity for students to have access to the databases of the Central Bank of Armenia in order to conduct research on the country’s economy and publish analytical articles and materials in international academic journals,” said Gevorg Goyunyan, Vice President of AUA. It is possible that some of the classes will be held in Dilijan, at the Central Bank Training and Research Center of Armenia.”The main goal of the program is to present to the world economic community Armenia’s experience – positive or negative – in implementing economic policy over the last 20 years, to hear constructive opinions and draw certain conclusions,” Gevorg Goyunyan said. According to the vice president of the AUA, the program will bring in the best faculty members — both those already working at the AUA’s business management department and those newly invited. The duration of the program is 15 months, the lessons will be in English, the cost of 15 months — 1 800 000 drams. Classes start in June 2013, the deadline for applications is April 22, 2013. Among the requirements for applicants are a college degree from a licensed institution, TOEFL or IELTS proficiency in English, etc. д. A full list of requirements can be found at the university. According to Gevorg Goyunyan, admission will be organized on a competitive basis and the best candidates who meet all the requirements of the university will be chosen. On February 7, at 18:00 p.m.Open Doors Day will be held at the American University of Armenia on 30th, during which all those interested in the program can meet with the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics and clarify all the details and the details of the program.

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