Moscow authorities no longer plan to issue fuel cards for small cars

Sergei Sobyanin, the acting mayor of the capital, signed a document cancelling an earlier order of Yuri Luzhkov on issuing special fuel cards to owners of small cars, the press service of the city administration reported. This document was signed on Wednesday, June 19.

“The Decree of Moscow government №2591-RP, which was put in force on November 5, 2008 “On the order of provision of fuel cards to owners of small cars” was canceled because the experiment of stimulation of usage of small cars by citizens was finished as well”, – the press-service informed.

The report also says that fuel cards issued to owners of small cars during the period of the experiment will be serviced until the money on these cards is used up.

The experiment, in the course of which it was decided to support the owners of cars with small engines, which are more mobile and less harmful for the environment in the difficult transport situation of the city, was launched in late autumn 2008. In order to be able to receive a fuel card, the owner only had to provide documents for the car, which would indicate the engine displacement, which would not exceed 1.3 thousand cubic centimeters.

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