More than 250 medical workers in Mangistau are on the waiting list for apartments.

During the meeting of Ruslan Bektubaev, the Head of Health Department of Mangistau region and Salamat Sarsekenov, the President of Sotradaniye foundation, a lot of questions regarding oncology were addressed.

President of SOS Tragedy Foundation addressed to Regional Akim Baurzhan Mukhamedjanov with the existing problem of providing children oncologist with accommodation. He was invited to work in the province from another region several years ago and was promised a place to live, but so far he has not received an apartment and has to live in a rented apartment. It should be noted that, apart from him, there are no pediatric oncologists in the region.

Ruslan Bektubaev said the following: “Understand a simple thing: we have no right to deviate from the housing law. The regional Akimat adopted a list of more than 250 people on the waiting list for apartments. The akimat distributes the housing. In addition, this year we will host another 64 graduates of the medical university, for whom we will not be able to offer even a dormitory, not to mention apartments. But according to the housing legislation, they have to be provided with service housing. We have raised the issue of housing construction at the expense of subsoil users, because we think it is the only way to settle the existing problem. We can’t provide any apartment out of turn for the reason that there are thousands of people on the waiting list. A second, no less important issue is the provision of dormitories for young, newly arrived specialists. Province needs more than 250 medical professionals. And if we can provide them with housing, they will come to work for us, because in other regions we have enough human resources and no vacancies. But professionals don’t want to work for us now because we don’t have housing, and it’s very expensive to rent an apartment. That’s why very soon we’ll come back to this issue.

The Head of the Health Authority promised to look into the matter and to do everything possible to find a solution as soon as possible.

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