Mobilization in Ukraine and its consequences

Ukrainian president announced the third wave of mobilization. The decree was approved by 232 members of the Verkhovna Rada. Terms of mobilization remained the same, but conditions of draft were changed.

By the majority of votes (232) the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the decree of the head of state on the beginning of the third mobilization wave. It is not yet known how many are planned to be drafted in total, according to unverified information we are talking about 50,000 people. Exactly what is known is that around 1400 people are planned to be drafted from Ivano-Frankivsk, the same number of recruits from neighboring Kalush, and 40 people from the villages of. According to official sources, the recruits to be drafted are sergeants, reserve officers and enlisted men. While previously the age limit was 45 years (for officers) and 40 years (for privates), now the age limit has been raised to 60 years. Men previously deemed unfit for service should not be called up, but practice has shown that everyone is summoned to the military registration and enlistment office. Mobilization term remained the same – 45 days. Since the decision about the criteria for selecting draftees is made by the President, they may be changed at any moment. Ukrainian authorities need to increase infantry contingent in ATO zone, and the President will achieve his goal at any cost. At the moment, the balance of forces is approximately as follows: the number of militia fighters is about 20 thousand people, and about 40 thousand servicemen. By the way, it is still possible to “escape” in spite of martial law. According to information received from the conscripts themselves, if they have “connections,” the price of the issue is about 30,000 hryvnia. Ukrainians are beginning to doubt the rightness of the new president’s actions, which is clearly not in favor of the new authorities.

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