Metropolitan authorities do not forget about adapting public transport for the disabled.

According to the press service of the Moscow Transport Department, as of today, 74% of buses and more than 50% of trolley buses in Moscow are equipped for disabled people.

More than 170 subway stations have a system of sound information, through which the citizens who can’t see will be informed about the approaching train. Also, 23 stations are equipped with special elevators.

“For more comfort for passengers with disabilities who have decided to use the services of the railway transport, in the areas where they have to pass there are tactile tiles, and the edges of the platforms are additionally marked with reflective strips. On the territories of central stations and railway stations are installed ramps and elevators. Also, special ticket offices were organized for people with low mobility at stations, which have a low window sill, and such passengers have the right to unscheduled registration of travel documents at any ticket office,” – reported in the department materials.

In addition, for low mobility residents of the city specially created a service “Social Taxi. If several people decide to use this service at the same time, then the payment for the service is made entirely by the city budget, but if the order is individual, then there is an opportunity to use either coupons or the social card of a Muscovite.

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