Message to Putin

It is no secret that today not all citizens of the Russian Federation are satisfied with their standard of living, work, in the end, and the government of the Russian Federation itself. Anyone is not satisfied with the level of wages. Some dream of cheaper fares, while others rave about perfect roads, to which our road surfaces, still incredibly far. But not all of these dissatisfied citizens know about this news that there has been such an interesting opportunity for a long time, which consists in writing a personal letter to the president of the Russian Federation. Yes, it’s an open letter to the president, in which you have the opportunity to lay out all of your own or everyone else’s potential difficulties and problems that make the people around you and you yourself feel uncomfortable.

In order to create an open letter to Putin or the governor you do not need to be some advanced PC user, or God forbid, a programmer. No! All you need is a PC, a laptop, or maybe even the most basic phone with internet access. Go to your Internet browser and visit the appropriate site. Once you enter it, you will be already at the goal, for the reason that you only have to click a couple of times on the mouse buttons and write all your problems as they are, all the things that you do not like (or perhaps like), all the things that you would like to recommend to the modern government of the Russian Federation. How do you know, maybe your letter will influence something in the near future, maybe this very advice will be taken into account.

Just think, when else could you have had the chance to write a. В. An email to Putin, where you can express your personal wishes and opinions about one or another problem, express your respects or ask for help.

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