Meat from the United States may no longer be imported into the Russian Federation, because of the presence of a harmful pharmacological substance

Starting from February 4 this year it is no longer allowed to bring chilled meat from the United States into Russia, and from February 11 it will also be forbidden to import frozen meat. The ban is caused by the fact that a pharmacological substance called ractopamine was found in the meat.

In the European Union countries, as well as in the Russian Federation, it is forbidden to import meat containing this drug. Earlier, Russian representatives warned countries such as the U.S., Canada, Brazil and Mexico that no more such meat could be brought into the country. The three countries agreed to Russia’s demands, but the United States did not.

Ractopamine is a pharmacological substance, a beta-adrenergic stimulant. It is used, in particular, in sports as a doping, which causes muscle building. When this drug is used in livestock, it allows the animal to gain 10 percent in weight. In medicine, in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, they use the exact opposite substance, which is called a beta-adrenoblocker. According to the specialist, these two substances in the body, combined, can cause side effects.

Russia will allow American meat into the country if America meets the requirements of the Customs Union.


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