Madonna will dedicate her concert in Saint Petersburg to protection of gays in Russia

Madonna, who pledged back in March to speak out against St. Petersburg’s ban on “homosexual propaganda,” announced a few minutes ago on Facebook that she would be handing out pink bracelets “for anyone who wants to support St. Petersburg’s sexual minority communities.”.


She adds, “The bracelets will be part of the show – be prepared to raise your hand in support!”

In March, Madonna stated: “I will come to St. Petersburg to speak out in defense of homosexuals and to support and inspire anyone who feels humiliated. I am a freedom fighter.”.

Madonna’s Facebook post

By doing so, Madonna will go against a law that prohibits “the promotion of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors.”. Madonna criticizes the law because it equates homosexuality and pedophilia. The author of the law, Assemblyman Vitaly Milanov, said in March that he would charge Madonna under the new law if she spoke out against it during her concert. The law fights and fines public formation of homosexual communities, gay books and periodicals, LGBT events, and other homosexual “acts. (LGBT is an acronym that originated in the English language for a general term for four sexual minorities – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

Vitaly Milanov said he would visit Madonna’s show for “morality control”.

Yesterday the U.S. embassy in Moscow and St. Petersburg sent out warnings to U.S. citizens regarding Madonna’s concerts in those cities.

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