Legal masters can be “shifted”

Andrei Tumanov noted another legislative hole concerning the dacha situation. According to the current law, it is possible to register a dacha community and at the same time … do not have a plot. What the raiders are already using and will use in the future. It will be enough to find, as he put it, “suckers” who have not yet registered the land. There is a simple principle – the first to come to the local administration to register, he is the best. Thus, the legal owners can be easily “moved”, and the very definition of “legality” in this context takes a very blurred shape, which can be compared with the proverb “the law is like a stick”.

Such facts, in theory, should be seen by the officials in the field. But this is only theoretical, and in reality these officials also want to eat delicious food and live well, so many may not hesitate to collude with such raiders. In turn, raiders, without the knowledge of the members of this dacha community will be able to privatize and sell the land. The reason is that the registration can be carried out without a certificate of the land and without anything at all. According to the same principle, management companies will be able to invade the quiet life of dacha communities. It turns out that yesterday all the property and roads were the common property of the dacha owners, but today they may have to pay to a company of unknown origin.

The problems of gardeners and dacha owners, as Tumanov says, do not interest anyone, much less the fact that they could not have known about the privatization of their own land.

This is at least one single, but irreparable and very big gap in the law.

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